Congratulations! Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, it will be an exciting time filled with much anticipation. Included in this section are resources to help you during your pregnancy.

On your initial obstetrical (OB) visit you will receive a packet of information from us. We urge you to read the packet of information in its entirety as it will answer many of the questions and concerns you will have throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period.

After your initial OB visit you will be contacted by our office staff who will assist you with many of the financial details of your prenatal care, such as providing you with an explanation of your insurance benefits and establishing a financial agreement and payment plan for any amount not covered by your insurance.

Here are some of the topics we cover in our website:

Pregnancy Overview

Pregnancy FAQs

Pregnancy Do’s and Dont’s

OB Ultrasound

Pregnancy & Your Body

Your Developing Baby

Pregnancy Related Problems

Infections During Pregnancy

Safe Medications

Maternity & New Born Links

When To Call The Doctor 

Mother with infant